Our Projects

Al-Sultan Abdullah Royal Tiger Reserve

Expanding the protected habitat for the Malayan Tiger, Malaysia’s national icon.

Al-Sultan Abdullah Royal Tiger Reserve expands the sanctuary for the critically endangered Malayan Tiger. Pahang has designated approximately 142,000 hectares of forest contiguous with Taman Negara National Park’s southern boundary as the first Tiger Reserve in South East Asia.

Enggang manages the operations of the Al-Sultan Abdullah Royal Tiger Reserve, guided by Conservation Assured | Tiger Standards (CA|TS) and IUCN standards forprotected and conserved areas.

A haven for biodiversity

The Tiger Reserve serves as a habitat for the Malayan Tiger, and five other wild cat species found in Peninsular Malaysia. Furthermore, this forest complex is home to other large mammals such as the Asian elephant, Malayan tapir, and Malayan gaur. It also boasts the highest above-ground biomass of any forest in Peninsular Malaysia. The Tembeling River which flows through the Tiger Reserve is a crucial tributary, serving as a lifeline for transportation, sustenance, and generating ecotourism-related income for neighbouring villages.

Pahang Peatland Restoration Project

The South-East Pekan Peat Swamp Forest complex in Pahang is the largest undisturbed peat forests remaining in Peninsular Malaysia. Our conservation and restoration initiative covers approximately 110,000 hectares of peat swamp forest. 

Breathe life back into the ecosystems.

In the past two decades, some 25% of the project area has been affected by logging, forest fires and illegal hunting. Enggang is now working to reverse the damage to the landscape through sustainable forest management that includes reforestation efforts, implementing surveillance & monitoring systems, and engagement with indigenous communities.

Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Agricultural Park

Located within 108 hectares, the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Agricultural Park in Kuantan aims to attract both domestic and international agritech enterprises, with a vision of advancing modernised, environmentally sustainable farming techniques to yield quality agricultural produce, and includes recreational and educational activities for the public.

A world-class agritech hub

Enggang aims to develop a sustainable farming hub to mitigate the effects of climate change, ensuring resilience in the face of food security challenges.