Enggang’s Mission

Restore and conserve Pahang’s rainforests and enhance its biodiversity. Leverage nature-based solutions and promote social equity among local communities.

Restore and conserve rainforest ecosystems, and enhance biodiversity

Pahang is home to vast rainforests that function as vital repositories of biodiversity, harbouring a diverse range of flora & fauna unique to this region. Positioned centrally within Peninsular Malaysian, Pahang plays a significant role in reversing climate change and halting biodiversity loss.

Social equity for local and indigenous communities

Pahang is home to local communities that live and work in and around the rainforests, including indigenous peoples or Orang Asli ethnic groups. Our mission is guided by the United Nations Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples, respect for indigenous knowledge, cultures, and traditional practices contributes to sustainable and equitable development and proper management of the environment in Pahang.

Support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Pahang is a key contributor to Malaysia’s obligations under international agreements and the SDGs for a better and more sustainable future for all, by ensuring the conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems.

Join Our Effort

We invite you to join us in protecting the rainforests of Pahang, the heart of Peninsular Malaysia.